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The GRAND: Poet Laureates of the Hemingway

Wednesday 8 May 2024 - Join us for a night of poetry and celebration, with three of Canada's Poet Laureates! This event is a high profile poetry event that celebrates the accomplishments of three Canadian Poet Laureates, one of the highest honours in that discipline. The evening will feature readings by (and possibly discussions with) Peter Hrastovec, Micheline Maylor-Kovitz and Wakefield Brewster. The GRAND has an especially close connection with Wakefield Brewster, who is a major figure not only in Calgary's arts and culture scene, but an active community builder and champion in the Black Artistry community. Venue support is invaluable to the success of this event, which would otherwise not be possible. This is a FREE event, open to the public. All are welcome. This event is made possible by generous venue support from Work Nicer and The Commons, and artistic support from The GRAND. - Event Details