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Film Screening: Ground Down

Sunday 26 May 2024 - Ground Down - A Documentary Film - Directed by Josh Sandulak A door opens - she jumps... What comes next is an unexpected twist of fate with life-altering consequences for singer/songwriter and skydiving enthusiast Abbie Thurgood. A Millennial Icarus whose drive to take her passions to new extremes leads her from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows after a harrowing skydiving accident that left Thurgood gravely injured. Ground Down follows one woman’s journey back from tragedy to triumph. Sit down with the physicians who tackled Abbie’s remarkable case as they describe the complexities of addressing the extensive spinal and neurological damage that she endured. Therapists, likewise amazed by her recovery, discuss the manifold challenges of navigating an “incomplete injury.” Eye-opening conversations around healing from resulting vocal cord paralysis, and the enduring psychological impact of undergoing such a traumatic ordeal, are key to building the film’s appreciation of the emotional and physical toll of hitting rock bottom. Thurgood’s resilience and determination take centre-stage throughout this inspiring documentary, illuminated by raw footage from her accident and long road-to-recovery, alongside crisp cinematography set against Alberta’s foothills. They call it a “burble,” a zone of wind turbulence that leaves sheer chaos in its wake, and in the case of daredevil rocker Abbie Thurgood it meant coming face-to-face with the biggest trial of her life. “Falling is falling. Skydiving is flying.” ~Abbie Thurgood This documentary was funded by TELUS STORYHIVE. Disclaimer: Please be advised that the premiere event of Ground Down is a fundraising effort to provide gifts in kind to Ward 58 at Foothills Hospital. All proceeds generated from the event, above the event expenses, will be used to purchase equipment or welcome packages for the patients. It is important to note that this is not a registered charity event, and as such, no tax receipts will be provided for any donations made. However, your contribution will make a significant impact of the spinal cord injury patients of Unit 58, and we appreciate your support. - Event Details