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Calgary Artists Studio Tour

Thursday 2 May 2024 - This year the Calgary Artists Studio Tour has expanded to over 80 local artists participating across our beautiful city and surrounding areas. This is a self-guided tour where you get to meet each artist in their home or shared studio space, and you can plan your visit at your own pace. The Calgary Artists Studio Tour is a unique, informal, connected art experience for both the public and the artists. You are invited into artists studios to see beyond their finished work; to have an opportunity to learn more about their creative processes, inspirations and personal stories. Ask questions, sign up for a raffle, purchase art if you like and most of all, enjoy building connections with your local artists. Admission is FREE! We are also pleased to announce that the Calgary Artists Studio Tour is now featured in the FREE hand-held app, Toureka, that can be easily downloaded onto your phone for easy directions to artists’ studios. The artists participating are a diverse mix and you will find visual art, sculpture, fibre art, photography and more! You will encounter a wide range of styles from realism to abstract and everything in-between. You will discover art in multiple mediums - choose what YOU want to see and learn about. We welcome the conversation! - Event Details