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Snake, Rattle and Roll: A Process Talk

Wednesday 13 March 2024 - This event is part of our Incubator Series! Come and join a process talk and short demonstration of Kaja Irwin’s new work-in-progress being developed for the Festival of Animated Objects 2025. Inspired by snakes and her personal relationship with them being both terrified by them in real life and intrigued by their symbolism and what they represent, Kaja is delving into this work embodying the different life stages of a snake and its personal journey. Interested in the different ways she can manipulate her body to become different aspects of the snake or what it interacts with, Kaja is exploring her body and movement as both the puppet and a landscape to interact with. This showing will include a physicalized portion of her piece, showing different experiments throughout her process, ones that will make it into the show and others that perhaps won’t. Some behind the scenes video of the movement exploration and talk about the story and costume/puppetry development will also be included. Runtime: 25 minutes - Event Details