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GROWTH: A Process Talk

Tuesday 12 March 2024 - This event is part of our Incubator Series! Join siblings Toby and Naomi Duska, the artists behind the collective earthworms, for a chat about their work-in-progress GROWTH, which is set to debut at the 2025 Festival of Animated Objects. A mole family lives deep underground. They are safe and warm. The mole father tucks the mole child into bed. The mole child sleeps soundly. In the morning, they both enjoy a hearty breakfast of earthworms. Only the mole child knows that something rotten lurks beneath the surface – a constantly growing creature that will, in its attempt to overtake her, disrupt everything she thought she knew about her family. Exploring generational hurt and the ugliness that lurks within each of us, GROWTH asks audiences to examine the parts of themselves they dislike and explores what it feels like when those parts are on display. Content advisory: light gore Runtime: 30 minutes - Event Details