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Art Exhibition | Joice M Hall: Nocturnal Light

Friday 15 March 2024 - This exhibition at Wallace Galleries focuses on the subtleties and dramatic light in the evening and night skies of Kelowna, BC. The opening reception is March 6 from 2-5pm with the artist, Joice M Hall in attendance. "For the past couple of years, during our Covid-19 lock down and many nights of insomnia, I sat on the deck and used a hand-held digital camera with a night scene exposure to document nocturnal light, both natural and manmade. I was fascinated with the super moon blue light in contrast to the warm manmade nocturnal lights and their reflections on the surface of the lake. Christmas lights and snow cover animated some of the night scenes. There is a mystery and vastness of the night sky. Where we live here there is not much ambient city lights to shield the stars. The clouds are lit from above with blue light and underneath with warm light. The super-moons over the fall and winter gave off a mysterious blue light that mixed with some of the artificial street lighting that created strange shapes and mysterious shadows. Over all very spiritual. From that night research, I selected twenty images I wanted to paint. Titled, Nocturnal Light, this exhibition has fifteen of the completed paintings in the ongoing series." - Joice M. Hall - Event Details