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Diary of Events and Happenings in Calgary, Alberta.

Winged and Wild

Thursday 4 January 2024 - Reach new heights with Bow Habitat Station on January 5, as we celebrate all the winged and wild creatures that call Alberta home! Your knowledge will soar as you learn all about Alberta’s flyers and flappers! Take a birds eye tour of Alberta, guided by our special partners from the Alberta Community Bat Program, the City of Calgary, Friends of Fish Creek, AIWC, Calgary Wildlife, Calgary and District Beekeepers Association, and the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo. Featured Activities - Flap your way through some birdy biofacts and use what you learn in an interactive game. Try not to wing it! - Get up close and personal with some highflyers and learn new ways to keep our feathered friends safe in the city. - Bats & Birds. Discover some winged biofacts and see if you can match the wingspan with the bird species in an interactive game. - Put your knowledge to the test with brainy bird trivia! - Learn how our winged neighbors survive winters in Alberta! - Take a look inside a bee box and see how honey bees survive the cold! - Event Details