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Making Treaty 7 presents: Indians and Cowboys

Wednesday 24 January 2024 - Spruce up yer turkey-feathered head-dresses and saddle up yer pintos, folks! Making Treaty 7 is taking you back to the Old Wild West. We done panned through some thousands of old westerns (with and without the spaghetti) and have braided together a golden re-tellin' of them rustlin' and bustlin' times. Indians and Cowboys takes original western movie footage from near 100 years ago and mashes and smashes it back together like a punch in a saloon brawl that sends you crashin' over tables and smashin' out the front window. But here's the catch - we're doing all the sound and music live and in person-like. That's right, we'll have bonafide real Indians and Cowboys right under that silver screen, whoopin' and hollerin', yodelin' and revoicing to them movin' picture actors. - Event Details