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Alberta Vocal Arts: Chiaroscuro - A Liederabend Reimagined

Friday, 27 October 2023 - Alberta Vocal Arts presents a stunning new presentation of traditional lieder (classical art songs) alongside breathtaking lighting and shadow. Chiaroscuro, an exploration of the balance of light and shadow, is a term used interchangeably in both the visual art world and in music, particularly Italian Bel Canto. Traverse the juxtaposition of light/dark, day/night, heaven/hell and love/despair. Set in the beautiful Polaris Theatre, this concert will explore light and shadow in its varied forms, including lighting, architecture, textiles, and the true aural showcase of the event - the myriad tone colours of the partnership between the human voice and the piano. No stranger to both contemporary and traditional music scenes, both Kathleen Morrison and Carlos Foggin are recognized for their innovative programming, a unique conversational style which builds a deep rapport with audiences, and a strong desire to delve ever deeper into their artistic subject matter. Running time: 65 minutes with no intermission Featuring songs from R. Strauss, Schubert, Schumann, Beethoven, and more Kathleen Morrison, soprano Carlos Foggin, piano Ella Wilson, Death/Maiden Uwe Dambruch, narrator - Event Details