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Indigenous Art Market

Sunday, 17 September 2023 - Discover the Indigenous Art Market: Celebrating Creativity & Culture. Unveiling Unique Treasures: The Indigenous Art Market proudly invites you to explore an exquisite collection of handmade creations, skillfully crafted by Indigenous artists and makers from Treaty 7 and beyond. Dive into a world of rich heritage and creativity, where each piece tells a captivating story. Global Petroleum Congress Fusion: As the Global Petroleum Congress gathers delegates from every corner of the globe, seize the opportunity to make a difference. Join us in fostering cultural exchange and economic empowerment. Let's harness the wave of international interest and transform it into support for the Indigenous Economy. Empowerment through Exchange: By connecting global visitors with authentic Indigenous craftsmanship, we create a space for commerce that's more than transactional—it's transformational. Every purchase becomes a statement, empowering artisans and sustaining their communities. Rhythms of Tradition: Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds and mesmerizing moves of Indigenous music and dance performances. Through artistry and rhythm, we illuminate the profound cultural legacy of Treaty 7's Indigenous people, fostering understanding and appreciation. Save the Date: Mark your calendar for a one-of-a-kind experience that resonates with heart and soul. Join us at the Indigenous Art Market and be a part of a movement that celebrates heritage, supports artisans, and builds bridges between cultures. Embrace culture. Empower artisans. Experience the Indigenous Art Market—an event that leaves a legacy. Partners: Fort Calgary, Calgary Arts Development, Calgary Foundation, Native Diva Creations, RISE UP Calgary, Autumn Eaglespeaker Designs, and Bird Creatives. Get Tickets on Eventbrite - Event Details