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Diary of Events and Happenings in Calgary, Alberta.

Calgary Opera presents: Adriana Lecouvreur by Cilea

Monday, 25 September 2023 - A love triangle between the French actress Adriana Lecouvreur, the Princess de Bouillon and Maurizio, the Count of Saxony. This opera contains everything you might desire from a plot, including the real-life romance between Adriana (soprano Kathleen Morrison) and Maurizio (tenor Ernesto Ramirez), her rivalry with Princess de Bouillon (mezzo-soprano Barbara King), and her unexpected and mysterious death. Love, infidelity, murder, and glorious doesn't get more "opera-plot" than that! A dynamic cast from Calgary and Toronto joins forces with Calgary Concert Opera and Opera by Request. You will get up close and personal with the cast in the lobby of the stunning Jack Singer Concert Hall with this semi-staged opera in concert presentation. Featuring: Adriana Lecouvreur: Kathleen Morrison Maurizio, Count of Saxony: Ernesto Ramirez Prince de Bouillon: Uwe Dambruch Princess de Bouillon: Barbara King Michonnet: Bertrand Malo The Abbe de Chazeuil: Oliver Munar Mlle Jouvenot: Alyssa Durnie Mlle Dangeville: Cristina Lanz Quinault: Adam Arnold Poisson: Steve Morton Music Director: William Shookhoff - Event Details