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Senses Cabaret: an accessible dance production

Thursday, 22 June 2023 - Blissful Dance and VibraFusionLab present something new and trailblazing in disability arts. Senses Cabaret presents Burlesque created by both disabled and non-disabled dancers that places accessibility at the centre of creation. Special sensors translate dancer’s movements into sounds and music, start and stop an audio track, and control visuals in multiple ways. This means that blind audience members are able to hear sounds created by movement and costume pieces, as well as listen to audio descriptions before and after each act. Audience members from the deaf community are able to feel vibrations created by the music through vibra-tactile belts, and can take in visual representations of the music and sounds. All audience members can feel different fabrics and textures as they take in the show through tactile element bags, filled with items which relate to each act. Audience warning - this show contains semi-nudity. - Event Details