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Chiaroscuro A Contemporary Take on a Traditional Liederabend

Friday, 14 October 2022 - RISE UP Downtown Vibrancy Program presents...'Chiaroscuro' A Contemporary Take on a Traditional Liederabend. Enjoy fresh new presentations of traditional gems through unique lighting, and a literal journey through the space. Even the piano and performers will move throughout the space. Chiaroscuro, an exploration of the balance of light and shadow, is a term used interchangeably in both the visual art world and in music, particularly Italian opera. The concert will explore the juxtaposition of light/dark, day/night, heaven/hell and love/despair. Set in the beautiful Grotto at Contemporary Calgary, this concert will explore the many facets of of light and shadow, including: lighting, architecture, textiles, and the true aural showcase of the event - the myriad of tonal colours possible through the human voice. No stranger to both the contemporary and traditional music scene, both Kathleen and Carlos are recognized for their innovative programming, a unique conversational style which builds a deep rapport with audiences, and a strong desire to delve ever deeper into their artistic subject matter. The performers and piano (generously provided by Steinway Gallery Calgary) will move through the physical space throughout the performance, a unique take on 'forced perspective'. Unfiltered Stagecraft will create a lighting design that will change with the repertoire, emphasizing the balance of light and shadow. Chairs are limited. Guests who elect to alter their vantage point during the performance are free to stand, bring a pillow or a small carpet to sit on, and to move about the space freely during the performance. Tickets are free. Whether you choose a chair or standing room, registration is recommended to guarantee entry. - Event Details