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Love Like Your Life Depends On It!

Love Like Your Life Depends On It! Dates / Times 2019-11-14 to 2019-11-14 (07:00 to 08:30) Organization Clearmind International Type Single Day Community 8615 Athabasca Street SECalgary, ABT2H 1S1 403.400.4636 What is your definition of love? We read books, attend lectures and workshops designed to help us attract love into our lives. The desire to experience love is central to our existence, and to the feeling of being alive. Most people, when faced with the finite nature of life - through a brush with death or a serious illness - will revisit and evaluate the quality of their lives by love given and received. Our lives are about love, our capacity for love, and our ability to extend it. We know this to be true, but are confused about why we don't have the full experience of what we want; why we don't feel the love. From this place, we are very likely to conclude this is because we haven't found the 'right one'. Love is an action, not a passive state. It is through the act of loving that we get to experience it. This requires a radical shift in consciousness from the passive, reactive mindset that most of us gravitate towards, to a responsible proactive state that requires awareness and discipline. Join us as Catherine O'Kane explores what it takes to unlock the door to a full and expansive experience of Love, and why Love isn't elusive; it is here now... the only place it can be. Clinical Counsellor, Best Selling author, and 2019 WOW Leader of the Year Catherine O'Kane is a passionate, engaging speaker who (along with her husband Duane) has a mission to accelerate personal evolution through the power of authentic connection. Catherine and Duane co-founded Clearmind International where for over 30 years they have taught thousands around the world the skills required to have a more fullfilling life through authentic, connected relationships. Their book REAL: The Power of Authentic Connection reached Amazon Canada's Best Seller List for both paperback and audiobook copies. We invite you to join us! (FREE parking on-site). Find out more at: Questions? Email: #relationshipgoals #realauthentic #emotionalintelligence . Event Details. Location: 8615 Athabasca Street SE, Calgary