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Efficiency Tips for Busy and Stressed Out Moms

Efficiency Tips for Busy and Stressed Out Moms Dates / Times 2019-10-20 to 2019-10-20 (13:00 to 16:00) Organization Wishahmon Type Single Day Community Unit #112, 535 8 Avenue SECalgary, ABT2G 0L8 If you are a busy, stressed out mama that feels like there isn't enough time of the day, this workshop is for you! Your presenter, Monica has been where you are at RIGHT NOW. She understands the frustration of trying to do it all only to feel like you are failing all the time. Over the years, she has found ways to do tasks efficiently so the saved time can be used for things she really wants to do. Her mission is to help moms get out of the never ending cycle and start living the motherhood she always wanted. In this workshop, you can expect tips on how to: 1) Change your mindset; 2) Get your home in order; 3) Make fast and healthy meals for your family; 4) Simplify household chores; and 5) Maximize your day, week, and motherhood. Limited tickets are available for purchase for $35 each. . Event Details. Location: Unit #112, 535 8 Avenue SE, Calgary