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Girl Power in Technology

Girl Power in Technology Dates / Times 2019-05-02 to 2019-05-02 (09:00 to 14:00) Organization Cisco Type Single Day Community 150 13 Ave SW Suite 200, Calgary Calgary, ABT2R 0V2 403.852.0166 Girls Power Tech - Calgary May 2, 9a.m. to 2p.m. Calgary Cisco offices – 150 13 Ave SW Suite 200, Calgary Be a part of this day for girls, aged 13 – 18. Register by emailing or calling Marsha Connor at or 403 852 0166! We can accept up to 40 girls for May 2. Cisco is running a specific day just for girls! It's designed to introduce young women to the exciting opportunities in the information and communications technology field. The day starts at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 2p.m. Hot chocolate, coffee, muffins and fruit will be available from 9a.m. when the girls check in. Pizza and cupcakes will be served at noon. There are three major activities to explore the girls to women in technology. a. Speed mentoring! We have arranged for 1:1 conversations with Cisco women employees in engineering, sales and marketing. It's the girls' opportunity to share their interests and receive advice on their career path. We encourage them to ask questions of the Cisco women about: where did they go to school, how did they choose an IT career path, what do they do day-to-day in their job, why did they choose the great field of IT? b. Pitching Packets Game! We will use beanbags and laundry baskets to have fun understanding the concepts of packet fragmentation, a network layout, routers/hops, and a variety of other networking and/or cybersecurity concepts. It's a fun way of learning the basis of networking. c. The Great Internet Race! In this activity groups of students will be given a picture cut up into smaller pieces. The goal is for each group to get their picture "uploaded" to the correct location (Facebook, Instagram, youtube) in one piece. This will be done through markings on the floor and each table will direct the girls holding the picture to their next hop. To throw in some challenges some routers (students) will have a note that says "go back to start your packet has been dropped". Fun! We really look forward to seeing the girls on May 2 here in Calgary! . Event Details. Location: 150 13 Ave SW Suite 200, Calgary, Calgary