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Diary of Events and Happenings in Calgary, Alberta.

Defining Calgary's Future

Defining Calgary's Future Dates / Times 2019-04-24 to 2019-04-24 (11:30 to 13:30) Organization The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary Type Single Day Community 133 9 Avenue SWCalgary, ABT2P 2M3 403.220.6368 The 19th century was about empires. The 20th century was all about nation states. The 21st century will be defined by cities. Urbanization is accelerating world-wide. So is wealth concentration. Soon, the overwhelming majority of wealth will be in the hands of a few super-cities, leaving mid-size cities to share the rest. With this in mind, how does Calgary set itself on the path to being one of those super-cities – if not in size, then in wealth, education, infrastructure and an urban environment that invites in-migration of people and investment? How can Calgary be more future focused? Please join The School of Public Policy and our panel of experts as we consider what thinking big means in Calgary. What is this city's future, and where is the path to that future? More Info: . Event Details. Location: 133 9 Avenue SW, Calgary