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Shape your future. Invest in your potential

Shape your future. Invest in your potential Dates / Times 2019-02-23 to 2019-02-23 (10:00 to 14:01) Organization BLINK MENTAL HEALTH & STRATUS Type Single Day Community 300-1210 8th Street SWCalgary, ABT2R 1L3 587.393.9571 This workshop is designed to help you raise your own self-awareness, gain self-confidence, learn more about your hidden capabilities and assets, nurture your growth, and invest in your potential and well-being. Understanding who we really are and how we can embrace the great things about ourselves and look within ourselves in a positive way, by building a great relationship with ourselves is vital to well-being and quality of life. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE! Free yourself Open up your life Rise to your power Step outside your comfort zone Elevate yourself Become . Event Details. Location: 300-1210 8th Street SW, Calgary