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Uninhibited (all-ages dance performance)

Uninhibited (all-ages dance performance) Dates / Times 2019-02-01 to 2019-02-02 (20:00 to 21:30) Organization En Corps Dance Collective Type Multi Day Community 4825 Mt. Royal Gate SWCalgary, ABT3E 6K6 A war of the elements has begun; will Wind Water, Fire or Earth prevail, or will humanity perish in the crossfire? Water; fluid, dynamic, and smooth. Wind; graceful, free, an calming. Fire; energetic, sultry, and fierce. Earth; grounded, strong, and sharp. With all elements there is balance, without - humanity risks extinction. ECDC's choreographers and cast of dancers will take you through the ups and downs of interactions between the elements and the impact of war on humanity. Come and enjoy an evening of dance, acro, and aerial hoop artistry. Let's get wild and reckless! ECDC Website: For more information: Cost: $30/adult, $25/child or student Tickets: . Event Details. Location: 4825 Mt. Royal Gate SW, Calgary