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QIGONG FOR HEALTH - A TWO PART SEMINAR Dates / Times 2019-01-11 to 2019-01-25 (18:00 to 20:30) Organization Calgary Gong Fu Academy Type Multi Day Community 4039 Brentwood Road NWCalgary, ABT2L 1L1 403.926.4466 Two Part Seminar Friday January 11, 2019 - 6pm-8:30pm Friday January 25, 2019 - 6pm-8:30pm Come to 1 or both. $50 per seminar or $80 for both. For more information and how to register, please click on the link below During these two seminars you will learn the ancient 5000 year old practice of medical qigong. Medical qigong simultaneously helps heal all realms of our physical, mental and spiritual selves. Medical qigong puts the power back in our own hands and is designed to help everyone realize that we are all born with the natural ability to heal ourselves With the new skills that you have attained during the seminars it will empower you to achieve greater states of happiness and peace, pain free movement and greater flexibility, increased athletic potential, body awareness and mental acuity, reduced stress, tension and fatigue, improved metabolism, digestion and elimination, balanced energy, a more youthful appearance and increased strength, vitality and overall mind and body health. . Event Details. Location: 4039 Brentwood Road NW, Calgary