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Women Playing Hamlet

Women Playing Hamlet Dates / Times 2018-10-05 to 2018-10-13 (19:30 to 00:00) Organization Scorpio Theatre Type Multi Day Community 2140 Pumphouse Theatre SWCalgary, ABT3C 3P5 403.874.2903 This 'comedy about a tragedy' tells the tale of Jessica, an insecure actor who sent into a tailspin when cast in the lead role. 'Women Playing Hamlet' by William Missouri Downs provides a unique opportunity for the Calgary theatre community in that it showcases an all-female cast performing multiple roles, and primarily all-female crew – including director, stage management and other behind the scenes artists. "Hamlet's a challenge for any actor, but when Jessica is cast as the titular character in a New York production, it sends her into an existential tailspin. It doesn't help that her acting coach is borderline abusive, or that every Starbucks barista with an MFA tells her she's too young for the role. Or that she's somehow managed to make Sir Patrick Stewart her nemesis. Not to mention the fact that she's a woman. How can Jessica figure out "to be or not to be," when she can't even figure out herself?" Wednesday to Saturday: 7:30 p.m. Saturday & Sunday matinees: 2:00 p.m. Tickets: Group rates are available on purchases of 10 or more Adult tickets; for inquiries about the show and tickets, please contact _________ About Scorpio Theatre: Scorpio Theatre is a volunteer, non-profit community theatre group devoted to showcasing new works from the fringe of the dramatic world. While Scorpio initially specialized in original comedies, our mandate has grown to include all manner of plays that are new to Calgary audiences, with a focus on local playwrights. Our goal is to create conversation and elicit two-way dialogue with our audience – love or hate it, we want you to walk away feeling impacted and thinking about the show. Scorpio presents a night at the theatre unlike anything else in the city. . Event Details. Location: 2140 Pumphouse Theatre SW, Calgary