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Canadian Human Rights Doc Letter from Masanjia at The Globe

Canadian Human Rights Doc Letter from Masanjia at The Globe Dates / Times 2018-10-23 to 2018-11-01 (00:00 to 00:00) Organization Flying Cloud, Fair Trade Calgary, Amnesty, Calgary IFF Type Multi Day Community 617 - 8 Avenue SWCalgary, ABT2P 1H1 604.789.2320 Lauded Canadian Human Rights Doc, Letter from Masanjia, Plays at Calgary's Globe Cinema Through Nov 1 Winner of Calgary International Film Festival's 2018 Audience Award. The New York Times called this human rights docu-thriller "potent, an important story, well-told." To the LA Times, its "an amazing film." Don't miss it at Calgary's Globe Cinema through Nov. 1. Letter from Masanjia begins when a mother in Oregon finds a desperate SOS note in a box of 'Made in China' Halloween decorations from Kmart. It continues inside China where the letter's author risks his life to expose the brutal, ongoing persecution of human rights defenders. Together, these unlikely heroes expose and change communist China's terrorizing policies against millions whose ideologies differ from the government's. This Halloween, see the real-life thriller that began in a torturous tombstone factory in China. Ultimately a beacon of hope, Letter from Masanjia reveals the real-life horror that our goods are sometimes made by political prisoners' forced labor. Screenings co-sponsored by Fair Trade Calgary, Amnesty Calgary, and Calgary International Film Festival. Now through Nov 1, various showtimes daily. No shows Oct. 29. Tickets $5 - $10 Globe Cinema, Downtown Calgary, AB Shows: Film: October 24 - 7:10pm October 25 - 7:10pm October 26 - 7:00pm October 27 - 1:10pm October 28 - 1:10pm October 30 - 7:10pm October 31 - 7:10pm November 1 - 7:10pm . Event Details. Location: 617 - 8 Avenue SW, Calgary