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Animals - Literacy & Puposeful Play (3-6 year olds)

Animals - Literacy & Puposeful Play (3-6 year olds) Dates / Times 2018-07-03 to 2018-07-06 (09:15 to 11:15) Organization Soaring into Kindergaren Type Multi Day Community 1401 Acadia Drive SECalgary, ABT2J 4C6 403.680.5476 Give your child an opportunity to "test-drive" what their entry into school will be like. Our program offers a 1:8 ratio with certified teachers, each week will have a maximum of 16 kids. We are early childhood specialists and our camp offers a literacy based program with purposeful play. At the end of the week we send students home with an assessment to let parents see where their child will shine and where they may still need some extra practice so that they feel more confident as they enter into school. We will give suggestions as to what they can do with them at home to continue to grow those skills. This week will have an animal theme (Caterpillars, butterflies, zoo animals, etc.) . Event Details. Location: 1401 Acadia Drive SE, Calgary