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One Meal One Family

One Meal One Family Dates / Times 2016-10-04 to 2016-10-25 (18:30 to 20:00) Organization Poppy Innovations Type Recurring Community 4448 Front St SECalgary, ABT3M 1M4 403.919.0176 Is dinner time stressing you out? It should be a time to connect with each other over good food. Join us to learn to cook one meal for the entire family with a version of the same meal for kids, adults and various taste preferences. Not only does this approach cut down on the meal preparation time, it cuts down on shopping costs and makes mealtime relaxing for everyone. This is series of 4 classes (1.5 hours each) and price includes all supplies for hands-on class preparation. COST: $190. Price includes food and supplies. . Event Details. Location: 4448 Front St SE, Calgary