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Clan Macfie at Calgary Highland Games

Clan Macfie at Calgary Highland Games Dates / Times 2016-09-03 to 2016-09-03 (08:00 to 16:58) Organization Clan Macfie Type Single Day Community Springbank Park for All Seasons Springbank ( Calgary), ABT3Z 2L9 Calling all those of the ancient Scottish Clan Mac Dhubhsith You most likely call yourself Mac Phee, Mac Duffie, Duffie, Cathey or Fee, perhaps Macfie, Mc Fee, Mc Guffie or even Coffey, rather than the old Gaelic name of your forefathers. The following names are recognized by the Commander of Clan Macfie, Ceann-Cath Iain Morris Mc Fie as being current acceptable surname spellings for members of the Clan. Variations in the spelling of these names are acceptable. Mac/Mc prefixes are considered to be interchangeable. ATHEY; ATHIE; CATHEY; CATHIE; COFFEE ; COFFEY; DUFFEE, DUFFIE; DUFFEY; DUFFY ; FEE ; GUFFEY; GUFFIE ; HAFFEY, HAFFIE; Mac AFEE; Mac AFIE ; Mac CAFFER; Mac CAFFREY; Mac CAFFIE, Mac CATHEY ; Mac CATHIE ; Mac CUISH ; Mac DUFFEE ; Mac DUFFIE, Mac DUFFEY ; Mac DUFFY ;Mac DUFFIN; Mac FEE ; Mac FIE; Mac GUFFEY, Mac GUFFIE ;Mac GUFFIN ; Mac HAFFIE; Mac HAFFY ; Mac PHEE, Mac PHIE ; Mac VEE ; Mac VIE ; MAHAFFEY ; MEHAFFEY; PHEE ; PHIE. Clan Macfie, as you are formally and officially recognized, will be convening at the 2016 Calgary Highland Games, being held September 3, at the Springbank Park for all Seasons. A good day to attend and review your family's Scottish roots, this being our fourth year at the Calgary games (after some 20 years at the Montreal, Que. and Maxville, Ont. games), we look forward to meeting you and yours. Come one, come all and enjoy a day of Scottish pleasantries. . Event Details. Location: Springbank Park for All SeasonsSpringbank ( , Calgary