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New Friends and Neighbourhood - Immigrant Women Association

New Friends and Neighbourhood Groups. (/+) Dates / Times2015-06-01 to 2015-06-30 (10:00 to 15:00). Organization Calgary Immigrant Women's Association. #200, 138 4th Ave SECalgary, ABT2 G 4 Z6403.444.1752 NFNGs are weekly 2-hour women's groups that run at 15 different locations across Calgary. Our program is open to any woman born outside of Canada and registration is free. We also provide free, onsite child care. Weekly 2-hour workshops offer a safe and fun place for immigrant women to practice and improve English conversation, learn about life in Canada, build friendships with other women. NFNGs offer a welcoming space where there are no immigration requirements or pre-requisite skill level. The group leaders keep things interesting by planning discussion topics, guest speakers, games and many other activities! Some examples of workshops include budgeting, first aid, citizenship, parenting, recreation, health-care and many more! I am attaching the schedule for you to see if one or more of the groups will work for you. The program is a drop-in program so you don't need to register ahead of time. If you need the childcare (free), call Debra at (403)-444-1752 or email Event Details. Location: 138 4th Ave SE