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The Greenwood Hub

The Greenwood Hub. Dates / Times2015-04-06 to 2015-08-20 (17:00 to 21:00). Organization Sandstone City Resource Society Non-Profit Organization. 102 - 2616 18th street NECalgary, ABT2 E 7 R1403.324.1984 Sandstone City Resource Society sister and partner of The Calgary Society of Community Opportunities is proud to sponsor the Greenwood Hub where occupational, creative arts takes place. At the Greenwood Hub Recreational facility, people of all ages celebrate daily gifts of creativity. This Recreational program has been developed as an after work or school skills session for the following weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, from 5:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday, 3:00pm-5:00pm. We invite you, your family members and friends to join us in this program. Please feel free to contact for additional information, facility and location or how to register. Silvia Pinto Sandstone City Resource Society The Greenwood Hub Art program Facilitator 102 - 2616 18th street NE Tel.: 403-324-1984 Fax: 403-255-7714 Email: Or visit us on Facebook at Note: The facility has wheel chair access, handicap environment safety also parking of Handi bus pick up/return, and a parking lot for all of our guests. We are also looking for Volunteers. See you there!. Event Details. Location: 2616 18th street NE