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Families and Schools Together

Families and Schools Together. Dates / Times2015-03-01 to 2015-03-25 (16:30 to 20:30). Organization Catholic Family Service. 855 Copperfield Blvd SECalgary, ABT2 Z 4 W8403.205.5881 Come out and volunteer with F&ST: Volunteers provide support to the F&ST team as well as the F&ST families. Volunteers help in providing the set up & clean up of the program space, serving of meals, children's activities, and other program essentials as needed. To maximize the child's and families' exposure to positive role models, volunteers are expected to be warm, friendly and professional. Volunteers may include individuals, families, and groups. The volunteer will demonstrate the F&ST Programs belief in Parenting Empowerment/Parent Respect.. Event Details. Location: 855 Copperfield Blvd SE