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Beginner Blues Dance Classes

C Jam Blues: Beginner Blues Dance Classes. Dates / Times2015-03-07 to 2015-03-28 (13:00 to 14:00). Organization C Jam Blues. 375 Bermuda Drive NWCalgary, ABT3 K 2 J5 Blues Dancing is a relaxed, creative, intimate dance style punctuated by smooth, deliberate movement. It thrives off improvisation and the communication between music and partner. This is the start of your Blues Dancing journey. No experience or partner required. In this class, we'll focus on the basic fundamentals of Blues Dancing like quality of movement, partnered connection, and musicality while introducing one of the major styles of traditional Blues Dancing, Ballroomin'. This four week class will get you started to where you will be glidin' and groovin' across the dance floor in no time!. Event Details. Location: 375 Bermuda Drive NW