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Ronnie Burkett - The Daisy Theatre

Ronnie Burkett presents The Daisy Theatre. Dates / Times2015-02-17 to 2015-03-07 (19:30 to 23:00). Organization Ronnie Burkett's Theatre of Marionettes. Big Secret Theatre, 205 8 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, ABCalgary, ABT2 G 0 K9 The Daisy Theatre is Calgary audience favorite Ronnie Burkett unleashed???unscripted, by the seat of his pants, manipulating and voicing his characters through variety acts, impromptu monologues, musical numbers and audience participation, featuring a cast of forty marionette characters. Since its premiere at the 2013 Luminato Festival, this unique performance event has played to thousands, with audiences and critics alike falling in love with the ridiculous, tender, outrageous antics of Daisy Theatre favorites Esme Massengill, Mrs. Edna Rural and beloved fairy child Schnitzel. Variety numbers parody theatrical genres from opera, music hall, Las Vegas, French cabaret and vaudeville with characters such as lounge singer Rosemary Focaccia, marionette ventriloquist Meyer Lemon, chanteuse Jolie Jolie, and the filthiest lesser royal ever to hit the stage, in what Vancouver???s Georgia Straight calls ???one of the best shows you???ll ever see???. With the ever-changing content and nightly improv in an intimate setting, The Daisy Theatre is truly a ???see it more than once??? theatrical experience! Suitable for audiences 16+. No latecomers admitted. Ronnie Burkett Celebrated as one of Canada???s foremost theatre artists, Ronnie Burkett founded his Theatre of Marionettes in 1986 and has produced some of the world???s most evocative and elaborate puppetry, garnering him a Village Voice OBIE Award and the 2009 Siminovitch Prize in Theatre. His productions include Penny Plain, Billy Twinkle: Requiem for a Golden Boy, Ten Days on Earth, Provenance, and the acclaimed ???Memory Dress Trilogy??? of Tinka???s New Dress, Street of Blood and Happy. Burkett???s work has been described as ???profoundly eerie, strange and strangely beautiful??? and ???more camp than a boy scout???s tent???.. Event Details. Location: 205 8 Avenue Southeast