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In Concert for Central America

In Concert for Central America. Dates / Times2014-12-07 to 2014-12-07 (19:00 to 21:30). Organization Mus Aid. 134 11 Ave SECalgary, ABT2 G 0 X8 Please join us for a beautiful performance, highlighting the sensual music of Latin America and the Caribbean! With guest artists from the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and soprano Katie Mc Cullough. All proceeds go towards supporting Mus Aid's 2015 projects in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Belize. There will also be a bar, a raffle, and silent auction, with handicraft items collected from our work in Thailand, Vietnam, El Salvador, Belize, and Haiti. Latin America has been identified as one of the most dangerous regions in the world, with high homicide rates, and prevalent gang violence. For many of the students in this region, music is a way to redirect their energy towards a positive and creative medium, and a safe place of comfort and community.. Event Details. Location: 134 11 Ave SE