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Improving Native Prairie

IMPROVING NATIVE PRAIRIE - Park Talk - Please Pre-register. Dates / Times2014-11-25 to 2014-11-25 (19:00 to 20:30). Organization Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation. Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Cochrane, ABT4 C 0 B7403.851.9053$5 Pre-registration Required through - limited seating available Our native grasslands are increasingly being broken, fragmented and threatened by invasive species. Do we know that methods used to achieve short-term reclamation results are successful in the longer term at restoring native grasslands? The Recovery Strategies Project set out to answer this question and use the learnings to provide guidance on improving restoration outcomes after disturbance in prairie grassland ecosystems. The resulting documents link grassland classification tools (GVI mapping, range plant community guides and range health assessment) with reclamation risk assessment for development and reclamation planning. They outline a process for selecting a strategy with the best chance of success for plant communities and reclamation issues present in each of Alberta?s Grassland Natural Subregions (NSR). They also identify the many challenges and knowledge gaps that still need research. The first two handbooks from this initiative; ?Recovery Strategies for Industrial Development in Native Prairie: The Dry Mixedgrass Natural Subregion of Alberta?, and ?Recovery Strategies for Industrial Development in Native Prairie: The Mixedgrass Natural Subregion of Alberta?, are posted on the Foothills Restoration Forum website at Guidelines for the Northern Fescue NSR are under development and monitoring for the Foothills Fescue NSR started in 2014. The evening's Expert Jane Lancaster is a vegetation ecologist and partner with Kestrel Research Inc. Her work takes her across western and northern Canada, conducting botanical surveys, ecosystem mapping, impact assessment, mitigation and reclamation monitoring. Jane grew up on the outskirts of Calgary, and has played and worked for many years in native grasslands, including two years working at Writing-on-Stone Park. Jane is on the Steering Committee of the Foothills Restoration Forum.. Event Details. Location: Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park