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Diary of Events and Happenings in Calgary, Alberta.

The Coven Haunted Attraction

The Coven Haunted Attraction. Dates / Times2014-10-30 to 2014-11-01 (18:00 to 22:00). Organization Haunted Calgary. 222 Rocky Ridge Bay NWCalgary, ABT3 G 4 H9403.612.3011 Welcome to the sleepy town of Salem Massachusetts, 1692. Bathsheba Moore was always the outcast- living in the woods, keeping to herself. The townsfolk thought she was insane, and they underestimated her power. Shunned and ostracized, Bathsheba?s interest in witchcraft and the occult grew. She found that she had incredible talents and she embraced the dark arts. Her power grew stronger and she knew she had to take back the town. One night, she entered the town and found the cabin of little Lyca Goode and her family. Killing Lyca?s mother was just too easy, but Bathsheba had other plans for Lyca. She would use Lyca to infiltrate the town, drive the townsfolk mad with fear, and turn them against each other. Possessing the girl was more challenging that Bathsheba had counted on- the girl had powers of her own. Now the town is plagued by an evil infestation that turns neighbor against neighbor, sister against sister, and Salem will never be the same. The Coven by Haunted Calgary is Calgary's largest yard haunt, and one of the longest-running. About 25 years into haunting, this volunteer-run haunt offers up some of the best scares in the city, including a giant animatronic monster you'd expect to see at Universal Studios, not in someone's yard! The haunt takes most groups approximately 30 minutes to walk through and it's all outdoors so dress warm! Over 800 volunteer hours go in to building the haunt and acting so that all proceeds can be donated to charity. A suggested donation of $10 for Oops-a-Dazy Rescue and a few cans of food for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank per person is recommended, but the charities are really happy to receive whatever donation you can manage. Full scare version is open October 30, 31, and November 1 from 6-10pm at 222 Rocky Ridge Bay NW. Little kids can come through for a low scare event (no actors) October 31 and November 1 from 12-5pm. Don't forget to trick or treat with the wicked witch to get your candy!. Event Details. Location: 222 Rocky Ridge Bay NW