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Empowering Youth - Public Speaking

Empowering Youth Through Public Speaking. Dates / Times2014-10-29 to 2014-12-03 (13:00 to 15:00). Organization L.James. 2433 - 26 Avenue SWCalgary, ABT2 T 5 Y5403.283.1751 Attention Home Schooled Teens In this workshop your teen will: ? Speak with greater confidence which spreads to other areas of their lives. ? Learn how to design quick well-constructed responses, on the spot, with confidence. ? Learn to work collaboratively with others and develop valuable leadership skills. ? Gain respect from their peers and adults by learning how to present themselves effectively. ? Learn how to listen and give others feedback in a positive manner. ? Reduce the amount of filler words such as:? like?, ?ah?, ?and?, ?so? that tends to reduce credibility. ? Have a lot of fun and make new friendships.. Event Details. Location: 2433 - 26 Avenue SW