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Diary of Events and Happenings in Calgary, Alberta.

5Peaks Trail Running

5Peaks Trail Running Series- Confederation Park. Dates / Times2014-07-19 to 2014-07-19 (07:00 to 11:00). Organization5 Peaks Adventures. 2807 ? 10 Street NWCalgary, ABT2 L 0 R6 We are excited to be racing at Confederation Park for the first time this year. While there is a paved path in the park, we will spend very little time running along it. Instead, be prepared for creek crossings, branch dodging and climbing along the beautiful green hills while spectators watch in awe at your strength. This course lends itself to all levels of runner and we hope that you will consider wrangling some friends out to this race given it's location in the heart of Calgary.. Event Details. Location: 2807 10 Street NW