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How To Get more Job Interviews

How To Get MORE Job Interviews!. Dates / Times2014-03-25 to 2014-03-31 (13:00 to 16:00). Organization Skills t Achieve. 205-259 Midpark Way SECalgary, ABT2 X 1 M2403.201.5389 This Free Live Session will teach you how you?re Sabotaging your job search and how you can start getting job interviews? fast. Brought to you by Corey Harlock and Skills to Achieve Getting job interviews is hard! Getting the companies you really want to work for to call you back is almost impossible. But... brilliant things happen when you find the courage to step away from the safety of the crowd and stand alone. You may not know it but you are doing things that are absolutely murdering your chances of ever getting an interview and turning hiring managers ?stone cold? when it come to your application. If you want the truth about why you can?t get any job interviews? THEN THIS FREE LIVE CAREER STRATEGY SESSION IS FOR YOU! You can expect our speakers to deliver ideas that: -Will armyou with a steady flow of ?insider information? so you can strategically maneuver around the Big Mistakes hiring managers use to eliminate you with lightening speed and ?crack the code? to creating a ""killer"" application and resume that will have hiring managers running to the phone to call you for an interview. -Will enlighten you about how the hiring process really works and how you can exploit this information to build a ?bomb proof? strategy to get interviews for the jobs you know you deserve.. Event Details. Location: 205 259 Midpark Way SE