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Inglewood Music Club - Eric Bibby

Inglewood Music Club presents ERIC BIBBY Blues Guitarist Location: old Lantern Church in Inglewood When: Friday, September 27, 2013 at 8:00 Contact: Dean Clark Contact Number: 403-400-4784 Email: Blues Guitarist ERIC BIBBY A professional player at 16, playing in the house band for his father's television talent show,Something New, Eric went on to study (psychology and Russian) at Columbia University, but "after a while it just didn't make much sense; I didn't understand why I was at this Ivy League school with all these kids who didn't know anything about what I knew about," he says now. Aged 19, he left for Paris, where a meeting with American studio guitarist Mickey Baker focused his interest in blues guitar.. Event Details. Location: old Lantern Church , Inglewood