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Elysee Treaty - 50th Anniversary

Elysee Treaty - 50th Anniversary Location: Cassio Room, MacEwan Student Centre, U of C When: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Contact: Carlos Contact Number: Vargas Email: WebSite: The Élysée Treaty, signed by France and Germany on January 22, 1963, not only marked the end of hereditary enmity between the two countries but it also signaled a new era of constructive Franco-German relations, forming the basis for a united Europe. The Élysée Treaty provided an unprecedented framework for bilateral cooperation and today it represents an important symbol of unity and cooperation in Europe and beyond. University of Calgary International is pleased to sponsor the "50th Anniversary of the Élysée Treaty: A vision for the future." Questions include: 1. What is the Élysée Treaty and what role did it play in the formation of Europe? 2. How has the Franco-German leadership kept its relevance during times of crises? 3. What role does Canada and Europe play for the promotion of international cooperation and peace? This forum will examine the lessons of this historic event and will discuss future implications for the world. Speakers: 1. Celebrating 50 years of Franco-German friendship-treaty: an instrument of perpetual peace? Dr. Stefan Seidendorf, Franco-German Institute, Germany 2. France and Germany: Their Role in the Formation of Europe Dr. Annette Timm, History, University of Calgary 3. German Identity in the New Europe Dr. Richard Sigurdson, Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary 4. Faith in Youth: Expanding the Spirit of the ERASMUS Student Exchange Program Dr. Pierre-Yves Mocquais, French, Italian and Spanish, University of Calgary 5. The State of Europe-Canada Relations Dr. Paul Chastko, International Relations, University of Calgary Performers include: 1. Étienne Grange-Praderas, French Folk Music 2. Robert Scherle, German Folk Music Remarks by: 1. Mr. Jean-Charles Bou, Consul General of the French Consulate 2. Mr. Hubertus Liebrecht, Honorary Consul of Germany. Event Details. Location: Cassio Room, MacEwan Student Centre, U of C