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Swedish School Lucia Celebration 2011

Calgary Swedish School Lucia Celebration 2011 Location: St John's Lutheran Church. 204, 6A Street NE in Bridgeland When: Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 4:00pm Contact: Melanie Tornqvist Email: WebSite: LUCIA CELEBRATION 2012 Come experience the Swedish celebration of light hosted by the Swedish Society & Swedish Language School of Calgary When: 4:00pm Sunday, December 16, 2012 Where: St John's Lutheran Church. 204, 6A Street NE in Bridgeland Admission: Members $3 -  Non-members $5  -  children $2 What: The children from the Swedish school perform the over 100 year old Swedish Christmas-time tradition "Lucia".  Lucia and her entourage of white angel-like children (and a few gingerbread men) will sing Swedish Christmas songs Sunday December 16, 2012 at 4 pm in Bridgeland. What is Lucia or Saint LuciaThroughout Sweden the feast day of Lucia is celebrated as a festival of lights. In the early hours of the morning of December 13th, a young woman, dressed in a white gown, and wearing a red sash and a crown of lingonberry twigs and blazing candles, would go from one farm to the next carrying a torch to light her way, bringing baked goods, stopping to visit at each house and returning home by break of day. Today in Sweden it's still a custom for a girl in a white dress (representing the Saint), to bring a tray of saffron buns and steaming coffee to wake the family. Symbolizing the light of faith and the promise of the sun's return, Santa Lucia has become a Swedish icon of winter, nearly as popular as Jultomten, the Swedish Santa Claus. Although Lucia Day, in its modern, secular incarnation, has only been celebrated on a national scale in Sweden since the 1920s, variations of today's celebration can be traced throughout Swedish history to the Middle Ages and beyond to the 4th century martyrdom of a Sicilian virgin named Lucia.   Lucia in Calgary Each year, the children from the Swedish School of Calgary perform the traditional Lucia songs to the members and friends of the Swedish community in Calgary. The Swedish School's mandate is to teach children from the ages of 3 – 16 Swedish history, customs and the Swedish language. The school is excited for this year's celebration; visit for more information.   Swedes in Calgary There are approximately 350 Swedish Citizens in Calgary and Southern Alberta. According to 2002 census, there are 70,000 Albertan's with a Swedish heritage. The Swedish consulate was formed in Calgary in 1893.   Media Contact: Melanie Tornqvist, (403) 585-1298          . Event Details. Location: 204, 6A Street NE