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Satie et Cocteau - Mike Czuba

Satie et Cocteau - a new play by Mike Czuba Location: University Theatre, University of Calgary (200 University Court NW, Calgary) When: Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 8:00 PM Email: WebSite: The Mountain View International Festival of Song and Chamber Music is proud to present the world premiere of Mike Czuba's new play, "Satie et Cocteau" for one performance only, Saturday night, August 11, 2012 at 8:00 p.m. at the University Theatre. This somewhat surreal two-hander stars Aleksander Ristic and Trevor Reuger, and is directed by Barry Yzereef. It explores the complex relationship between poet and avant-gardist Jean Cocteau, played by Ristic, and the composer Erik Satie, as Cocteau reviews his memories of the late composer and attempts to get a young actor (played by Reuger) to understand Satie and his milieu. The concept of the play is that we are watching Cocteau direct an American actor in the role of Satie in a play that Cocteau wrote in New York in 1939 called Soyons Vulgaires. The play takes place 15 years after the death of Satie. The action takes place during the final rehearsal where Cocteau has only called the actor playing Satie, because he feels he does not fully understand the role. Cocteau, in an opium haze, directs the actor in a series of 'scenes', which run the length of Satie's life and career. We discover that Cocteau's intentions are for the actor to fully embody Satie and bring him to life so he can finally exorcise him from his life. Cocteau has been attempting to do this for 15 years since Satie refused to see him on his deathbed. We also discover that the play will never be produced. Satie et Cocteau also features incidental music performed by the musicians of the Mountain View Festival, which runs from August 5 to 12, at several venues in Calgary. The play also inspired Festival Artistic Director Kathleen van Mourik to create a series of concerts based around Paris, the music world during the lives of Satie and Cocteau, and the interplay between the popular music and classical music of the time. -------- This concert is a part of Mountain View International Festival of Song and Chamber Music's 18th annual Summer Festival (August 5 - 12). The festival is titled "Mozart to the Avant-Garde: Journeys with a Mammal's Notebook"and it celebrates Satie and other French composers he influenced or knew including Debussy, Milhaud, Fauré, and Rachmaninoff. -------- SINGLE TICKETS: $20 (adults) / $15 (students/seniors) FESTIVAL PASS: $70 (adults) / $50 (students/seniors) MUSIC TEACHER'S PASS: $60 (bring students for free). Event Details. Location: 200 University Court NW