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Dr John Demartini - Heart of Love

Dr John Demartini "Heart of Love" July 20 7 PM to 9 PM Location: Unity Church of Calgary, 2035 - 26A Street SW When: Friday, July 20, 2012 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Contact: Sheryl Guillaume Contact Number: 403-293-4952 Email: WebSite: HEART OF LOVE Simple Guidelines to Relationship Fulfillment Would you love to bring back the magic and spark that brought you and your partner together? Would you love to increase romance and become more intimate? Do you have a list of items that if they would change, you feel you would love them more? Do you want to dissolve some of the misunderstandings and tensions that have come between you? No matter what relationship you are in, your partner is going to both please and displease you as you go through time. Having set ideas of how we expect people to behave can result in tensions, resentment and frustration in our relationships. Teaching people how to go beyond the fantasies to build true relationship fulfillment is one of Dr. John Demartini's specializations. In this talk he will introduce you to the insights on human behavior that have the biggest impact on relationships. He will show you how to process emotions, dissolve resentment, overcome anger and discover how to let go of old frustrations. Learn the art of effective communication and transform your relationships so that you feel connected to your partner once again. Learn the art of loving and appreciating your partner for who they are and you open yourself to being loved and appreciated for who you are in turn. for more info on Dr. John Demartini Event Details. Location: 2035 - 26A Street SW